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Applying a high repellent surface creates countless opportunities

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Protection against ice and snow

water resistant coating for electronics

Waterproof electronics

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Coating for all surfaces

Hirec - Weather station radio antenna covered in snow and ice after a heavy winter snow st

High Repellent Coating

Hirec® (High Repellent Coating) is a specially formulated coating that creates a highly water-repellent surface, resulting in remarkable self-cleaning properties. This coating effectively prevents the build-up of ice, snow, water, and dirt on surfaces where it is applied.

The Hirec series is specifically designed to reduce ice and snow accumulation on important components such as antennas, wind turbines, and crucial infrastructure. In the field of telecommunications, Hirec plays a key role in preventing signal loss during heavy rain.


NTT Advanced Technology Corporation (NTSN) has developed and launched a new environmentally friendly solution called Hirec® 300-W. It is a water-based superhydrophobic coating that offers advanced repellency properties.

Ultra-Ever Dry®

Ultra-Ever Dry is an innovative coating designed to protect electronics and electrical components from moisture, water, oil, and contaminants. This cutting-edge solution prolongs the lifespan of electrical circuitry, such as windings, connections, contacts, and switches, by preventing moisture accumulation and intrusion.

This versatile coating is ideal for a variety of hard surfaces that require protection, ensuring they remain dry, corrosion-resistant, uncontaminated, and clean.

One of the key benefits of Ultra-Ever Dry is its rapid curing time, making it suitable for on-site treatment to promptly address operational issues.

For scenarios where increased resistance to wear and UV exposure is needed, we recommend exploring alternative coatings like HIREC®, Gentoo™, or PCS for superior and long-lasting protection.

Ultra-Ever Dry against moist and water on electric components
Oil platforms under maintenance near Bergen, Norway

Thermoplastic polyester

SAPOE, NTT-AT's (NTSN) original rust prevention material, is a thermoplastic powder coating that stands out for its exceptional resistance to acids, alkalis and UV rays. It offers long-lasting protection against rust even in rigorous conditions, with a lifespan of at least 35 years.

This thermoplastic polyester coating is eco-friendly and helps to control pollution. Unlike liquid paints, powder coatings like SAPOE do not produce solvent waste during application, and any remaining material can be effortlessly removed afterwards.

One standout feature of SAPOE is its ability to strongly adhere to galvanized materials without requiring priming. This benefit, coupled with its outstanding anti-corrosive properties, makes SAPOE an excellent choice for environments that demand exceptional rust protection.


Our goal is to develop solutions that are tailored to your unique needs, ensuring improved performance, durability, and efficiency. In addition to our already impressive product portfolio, we offer customization options for our coatings to meet your specific demands.

These coatings are designed with exceptional properties, including increased hardness, high diffusivity, and self-cleaning capabilities, which provide significant benefits across various industries. The coatings' versatility allows for seamless adoption on nearly any surface.

Our sophisticated micro- and nanostructured design allows dirt particles to be carried away by water droplets from rain or moisture, aided by gravity. This intricate surface engineering minimizes surface energy and naturally maintains the objects' cleanliness.

Our Permanent Coating System (PCS) combines materials science and nanotechnology to provide customized solutions that align with your unique requirements and preferences.


"We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology."

Carl Sagan


NanoTech Solutions Norway AS is a technology company specializing in nanotechnology-based surface solutions. Our areas of focus include telecommunications, solar cells, UAVs, infrastructure, and offshore applications.


We prioritize the environment and health in our materials technology and chemical processes. We adhere to the guidelines set by REACH and the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) regarding the handling, storage, and transportation of chemicals. Compliance with these guidelines ensures that we meet all required laws and regulations.

By optimizing surfaces using our products, we contribute to a significant reduction in carbon footprint. We also strive to modify the raw materials and substances used in our products to eliminate harmful chemicals.

We believe that a green and environmentally friendly approach is crucial in creating a sustainable future for everyone.

Uendelige muligheter med nanoteknologi

Investment areas

NanoTech Solutions Norway AS is committed to providing a complete range of surface technology solutions that utilize the principles of nanoscience and nanotechnology. We use our unique expertise, professionalism, and dedication to remain at the forefront of global advancements in nano-based coating systems. With a wide spectrum of needs in mind, we offer a diverse range of tailor-made coatings, each possessing unique and often lesser-known properties.

We believe in providing cutting-edge solutions that go beyond the norm in providing solutions that are highly effective and long-lasting. As such, we continue to innovate and push the limits of what is possible, while always remaining mindful of the environmental and health implications of our work.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the very best in surface technology solutions while also ensuring that we operate in a sustainable, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible manner.

Optimize solar systems

Our technology has demonstrated the potential to enhance production by up to 10% in European conditions. One of the critical factors in achieving optimal yields from photovoltaic modules is keeping solar cells clean and free from snow or ice. Our specialized coating improves light transmission to the PV cells, simplifies maintenance, and significantly reduces cleaning requirements. As a result, your solar energy system will experience a boosted yield.

Our SolarEX coating is specifically designed to create a durable and "non-stick" (hydrophobic and oleophobic) protective layer on the exterior surfaces of solar panels. This coating effectively prevents contaminants, such as dust, bird droppings, and pollen, from adhering to the solar cells. These contaminants can be effortlessly washed away by rain showers.

The hydrophobic effect of the coating eliminates the need for harsh cleaning agents while enhancing the solar cells' resistance to wear and tear. This translates to fewer repairs and replacements of faulty components, leading to improved performance and increased financial savings within your solar system.

Coating for Solar cells
Drone in snow and rain


UAVs and rotor blades face significant challenges in dealing with atmospheric icing, which can lead to operational limitations caused by ice, snow, and rain. Many current solutions rely on electricity to mitigate these issues, resulting in technical complexities, increased energy consumption, and heightened digital signatures.

At NanoTech Solutions Norway AS, we take a different approach by exploring preventive measures that do not alter the fundamental properties of the UAV or require additional technical solutions. Our aim is to effectively eliminate ice formation and liquid accumulation on exposed parts, including electronics, of the UAV.

We have conducted rigorous testing and have demonstrated the suitability of several of our technologies, such as Hirec and Ultra-Ever Dry, as proactive protection against ice formation and various weather-related challenges in UAV operations. These technologies offer preventive measures that address the atmospheric icing issue without compromising the performance or integrity of the UAV.

By implementing our solutions, UAV operators can overcome the limitations caused by icing, ensuring safer and more efficient operations even in challenging weather conditions.


Gentoo is a next-generation, multi-functional coating that offers excellent corrosion resistance and ease of cleaning. It is specifically designed to withstand even the harshest environments. Unlike other coatings, Gentoo combines high-performance wear resistance with a very low slip angle, making it highly effective in diverse applications.

This transparent coating not only repels water but also many oils, bases, and solvents. It creates an extremely hard and durable surface that provides exceptional protection against contamination and corrosion.

Gentoo is a sol-gel solution, which is a liquid that transforms into a solid coating. This innovative technology revolutionizes corrosion control and protection. Extensive testing was conducted during the development of Gentoo, both in the laboratory and in the field, including collaboration with partners such as Ultratech International and the United States Air Force (USAF).

With its unique properties and successful testing, Gentoo offers a reliable solution for corrosion control and protection, ensuring longevity and performance in demanding environments.

Offshore wind construction vessel at work
NanoFloor - beskytter gulvet ved hjelp av nanoteknologi

Floor treatment

NanoFloor is the future of parquet and laminate flooring. This innovative floor covering goes beyond traditional solutions by incorporating advanced nanomaterials for superior performance and practicality.

One of the key features of NanoFloor is its enhanced durability, ensuring long-lasting quality. The nanotechnology used in NanoFloor creates a water-repellent surface that can withstand spills and stains. Additionally, it has an active antibacterial effect, promoting a hygienic environment in your living spaces.

NanoFloor also acts as a UV protectant, safeguarding your floors from the damaging effects of sunlight. With its ultra-thin protective layer, NanoFloor becomes a reliable defence against daily wear and tear.

The easy-to-maintain surface of NanoFloor sets it apart from traditional floor coverings. It effortlessly repels spills, dust, water, and dirt, making cleaning a breeze with minimal effort. With NanoFloor, you can spend more time enjoying your activities and less time on tedious cleaning tasks, simplifying your daily routine.


Experience the future of flooring with NanoFloor, where precision craftsmanship meets everyday practicality.


We understand the crucial role that proactive solutions play in preventing ice and snow accumulation on critical infrastructure. Extensive maintenance and repairs can be significantly reduced by addressing the risks associated with falling ice and snow from various structures.

Power lines, in particular, are susceptible to these challenges, and their impact can be widespread, affecting numerous individuals and essential organizations. This makes it essential to have proactive solutions that are self-reliant and not dependent on external systems.

Efficient communication among society-critical entities such as aircraft, maritime vessels, the military, emergency services, and rescue agencies is vital in mitigating health hazards, environmental consequences, and material losses. By prioritizing proactivity in these contexts, we can ensure prompt action and effective response to potential dangers.

Our solutions are designed to address these challenges by providing preventive measures that minimize the risks associated with ice and snow accumulation. By implementing proactive solutions, we can enhance the safety of individuals, wildlife, and the environment, while reducing the need for extensive maintenance and repairs on critical infrastructure.

Power line - Western Norway
Wind turbines in Norway

Wind turbines

The growth of wind power plants in cold regions, such as the mountainous areas of Norway and Northern Europe, has highlighted the challenges associated with ice accumulation on wind turbine components. This issue can have a significant impact on power generation and poses various risks to operation.

The build-up of ice on wind turbines can lead to decreased power output, turbine failures, production interruptions, and safety concerns due to the potential danger of ice falling or being ejected over a wide area. Operating wind turbines in cold climates presents a unique set of challenges that must be addressed with innovative solutions and proactive measures.

To ensure reliable and efficient power production in cold climates, it is essential to implement strategies to mitigate ice accumulation on wind turbine components. These may include technologies for de-icing, monitoring systems to detect ice build-up, and maintenance protocols to address ice-related issues promptly.

By investing in innovative solutions and proactive measures, the wind power industry can overcome the challenges posed by cold climates and continue to expand sustainable energy production in these regions.

Onyx Car care

The use of top-tier ceramic protection provides many benefits, enhancing the lacquer by adding water-repellent properties. This coating also offers resistance to UV radiation, which helps preserve the color from fading, as well as protection against chemicals and dirt. The water-repellent surface created plays a vital role in preventing the adherence of ice and snow, making their removal much easier.

Graphene, known as the world's strongest material, delivers unparalleled protection to paint surfaces. Its exceptional hardness and smoothness create a robust barrier that reduces the impact of environmental factors. Additionally, graphene helps minimize the susceptibility of paint to water stains and significantly extends its lifespan.

By incorporating top-tier ceramic protection and graphene in paint coatings, you can enhance durability, maintain aesthetics, and simplify maintenance by providing water repellency and protection against various environmental stressors.

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