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Tailor-made solutions

At NanoTech Solutions Norway AS, we take pride in offering the best segmented solutions in the industry. Our deep understanding of each technology in our portfolio comes from years of experience, commitment, and market presence. Our tailored nanotechnology solutions are designed to push the boundaries of what is possible, backed by a global team of passionate experts dedicated to shaping the future.

Our unparalleled team of skilled developers, researchers, and experienced manufacturers takes a collaborative approach to innovation and technology. We are committed to turning your vision into reality, working closely with you to achieve your goals and objectives.


With NanoTech Solutions Norway AS, you can explore the future of (nano)technology with confidence and precision. Join us in shaping the future with innovative solutions that deliver results.


Starting a new project?

At NanoTech Solutions Norway, we understand that choosing the right collaboration partner or advisor is essential to the success of an innovation project. Here are some reasons why we believe we are the ideal partner for your upcoming projects.

Competence across disciplines

We have a team of experts with diverse expertise across different disciplines, which allows us to take a holistic approach to designing technology solutions based on nanoscience.

Global perspective

Our global perspective allows us to leverage cultural insight and technical knowledge from around the world, making our solutions resonate with various industries and regions.

Innovation at every step

We are committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and ensuring that every solution we offer is future-proof.

Collaborative development

Our collaborative development approach ensures that each solution is tailor-made to meet your specific needs, fostering a long-term partnership beyond mere buying and selling.

Scientific excellence

We pride ourselves on scientific excellence and apply rigorous scientific principles to every project.

Flexible production

Our flexible manufacturing capabilities allow us to adapt production to your requirements seamlessly, ensuring that the end product meets your expectations.

Sustainable practice

Finally, we are committed to sustainability and designing nanotechnology solutions with a focus on environmental impact. We take seriously our responsibility toward our planet, people, and animals and uphold sustainable practices in all aspects of our work.


We look forward to collaborating with you on your next innovation project and delivering solutions that exceed your expectations.

The request concerns:
Protection for solar cells

Solar cells

Our SolarEX coating allows more light to reach the solar cells by increasing the amount of light transmission, leading to an increase of up to 10% in production under European conditions. Our coating also makes maintenance much easier and significantly reduces the need for cleaning, reducing downtime and costs associated with maintenance.

The hydrophobic and oleophobic properties of SolarEX protect the solar cells from pollution such as dust, bird droppings, and pollen, making them easy to remove from the surface during a rain shower. This eliminates the need for aggressive cleaning agents, which can also be beneficial for the environment.

Finally, SolarEX makes the solar cells resistant to wear and tear, leading to fewer repairs and replacements of defective parts. This results in improved performance and increased savings on your solar cells system.

Our SolarEX coating is easy to apply and creates a long-lasting, "non-stick" (hydrophobic and oleophobic) protection on the outer surfaces of your solar panels, ultimately leading to higher yield and lower maintenance costs. Contact us today to learn more about how SolarEX can optimize your solar power generation.

Wind turbines

Wind power production in cold regions poses unique challenges and complexities, especially in areas like mountainous regions in Norway and Northern Europe. The impact of ice formation on wind turbines can lead to reduced power production, rotor blade imbalance, increased oscillations, higher loads, potential shutdowns, and a danger of ice throw in the surrounding area.

The accumulation of ice on wind turbines can significantly affect their aerodynamic efficiency, ultimately resulting in decreased yield. Wind turbines in cold climates require specialized solutions to mitigate the effects of ice formation and ensure optimal performance. Implementing anti-icing technologies and protective coatings can help prevent ice buildup, maintain balance in rotor blades, and reduce the risk of ice-related issues.

As the construction of wind power plants continues to rise in cold regions, it is essential for industry stakeholders to address these challenges effectively through innovative solutions and strategic planning to ensure the reliability and efficiency of wind turbines in such environments.


Collaborating with experienced partners like NanoTech Solutions, who can provide tailored solutions for cold climate conditions, can help optimize wind power production and overcome the obstacles associated with ice formation and operation in challenging environments.

Wind turbines in Norway
Drone in snow and rain


The impact of atmospheric icing on UAVs and rotor blades presents significant problems and operational limitations in ice, snow, and rainy conditions.

Existing solutions for icing often require electricity, resulting in technical challenges, increased energy consumption, and a more detectable digital signature.


Our focus has been on preventive measures that don't affect UAV properties or require additional technical solutions but contribute to preventing ice formation and liquid accumulation on exposed parts, including electronics.


We have tested and proven the efficacy of technologies like Hirec and Ultra-Ever Dry, which can be used in UAV operations to proactively protect against ice formation and adverse weather challenges.


Please contact us for more information on how our Hirec and Ultra-Ever Dry technologies can safeguard UAVs and rotor blades by preventing atmospheric icing and adverse weather effects.


Our solutions offer preventive measures to reduce fouling, ice, and snow on critical infrastructure, resulting in decreased maintenance and repair needs. The risk of falling ice and snow from buildings, installations, and other infrastructure is increasingly posing hazards to people, animals, and nature.

Power lines serve as a prime example of infrastructure subject to extreme stress from natural elements. These challenges can have an impact on individuals and vital services. It is vital to employ proactive solutions that do not rely on external systems to operate effectively.


Efficient and uninterrupted communication is crucial between socially critical entities such as planes, boats, the military, emergency services, and rescue agencies. This direct reduction in health risks, environmental impact, and material loss necessitates proactive approaches.


By adopting our solutions, organizations can mitigate the risks associated with ice and snow on critical infrastructure, ensuring the safety of individuals and minimizing the impact on society and the environment.

Protect infrastructure against climate
NanoFloor - beskytter gulvet ved hjelp av nanoteknologi

Parquet & Laminate

Experience the next generation of parquet and laminate cleaning with NanoFloor, a revolutionary floor sealant that sets new standards in the industry. Our state-of-the-art solution is designed for daily use and precision to deliver unmatched performance.

Built with advanced nanomaterials, NanoFloor offers several benefits, including superior durability, a water-repellent surface, and a robust antibacterial effect. The coating additionally provides UV protection and enhances the surface's cleaning capabilities efficiently.

An invisible coating, NanoFloor does not affect the floor's aesthetics or affect its tactile properties, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate seamless solutions. However, users will notice its effectiveness in how water beads up on the floor's surface, offering incredible hydrophobic effects.


With NanoFloor, you can explore endless possibilities for an improved living and working environment, as it offers unique features that set it apart in terms of performance and durability. Choose NanoFloor to experience unparalleled floor cleaning and maintenance abilities.

Oil & Offshore

Introducing Gentoo, the versatile and advanced corrosion-resistant coating that excels in the harshest environments. Designed for ease of use, Gentoo outperforms competitors with its exceptional combination of high-performance wear resistance and a low slip angle.

This transparent coating not only repels water but also offers resistance against a wide range of oils, bases, acids, and solvents. Additionally, Gentoo creates an incredibly hard and durable surface that effectively guards against mechanical wear, contamination, and corrosion.

Gentoo is a sol-gel solution, transforming from a liquid to a solid coating, revolutionizing corrosion control and surface protection. To ensure its credibility, Gentoo underwent comprehensive testing conducted by Ultratech International and its partners, including NanoTech Solutions Norway. These tests involved rigorous evaluation of Gentoo's key attributes in both laboratory and field settings, including collaborations with the United States Air Force (USAF).

Choose Gentoo and benefit from its superior performance and proven reliability in corrosion control and surface protection, backed by extensive testing and partnerships with respected organizations.

Anti-corrosion with Gentoo
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