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Our global initiative

At NanoTech Solutions Norway AS, we're committed to delivering high-quality surface technology solutions to companies of all sizes. Our focus is on nanotechnology, with over 15 years of experience in the field.

Our team is passionate about innovation and new thinking, and we offer our customers smart solutions that optimize any surface and acquire new unique properties. With exclusive rights secured from the foremost suppliers in their respective professional domains, we provide our customers with the optimal solutions for their challenges.

We are proud to offer a robust product portfolio that includes anti-icing, anti-microbial seals, microbarriers, and treatments for almost all surfaces.

Some of our leading products include Hirec, Ultra-Ever Dry, Gentoo, and Onyx Coating. The Hirec system prevents accumulation of snow and ice on telecom equipment, wind turbines and various infrastructure components, while our Ultra-Ever Dry and Gentoo products are excellent water-repellent solutions with an impressive contact angle. 

Overall, our comprehensive understanding of challenges and implementation of suitable technological solutions enable every company to attain its objectives. Contact us to learn more!


Presence in the market

NanoTech Solutions Norway AS enters into a partnership with NTT AT

NTSN has partnered with NTT AT to bring you the amazing Hirec® product series. We are proud to have exclusive rights to market this exceptional product lineup. The Hirec Systems are specially designed to prevent snow and ice buildup on telecommunications equipment, wind turbine rotor blades, and other infrastructure components.

Not only that, but the Hirec surface has a remarkable contact angle of over 150°, resulting in a highly effective water-repellent effect. Say goodbye to ice and snow damage with our incredible Hirec products!

NTT Advanced Technologies.jpg

NanoTech Solutions Norway AS acquires distribution rights for nano4you

We are excited to announce that NTSN has teamed up with Nano4You to become the official distributor of their cutting-edge surface technology based on nanochemistry and particles. Nano4You has a proven track record of delivering exceptional solutions for various surfaces.

Thanks to this partnership, our product portfolio at NTSN has expanded significantly. We are pleased to offer you a wide range of solutions, including anti-microbial seals and microcarriers. Trust us to provide you with outstanding surface technology solutions that will meet your unique needs.

Collaboration with UltraTech

We are thrilled to announce that NanoTech Solutions has established a reseller agreement with UltraTech's licensee in Norway. We are excited to continue our partnership with Ultra-Ever Dry® and Gentoo™.

This agreement allows us to offer you the remarkable Ultra-Ever Dry® and Gentoo™ products, which provide exceptional water-repellent and protective properties. We are committed to bringing you the best surface technology solutions, and we look forward to serving you with these outstanding products.


NanoTech Solutions Norway AS enters into an exclusive agreement with WakTech

We are pleased to announce that NTSN and WakTech have entered into a contractual agreement, granting NTSN dealer rights for Scandinavia. WakTech is the creator of the revolutionary Onyx Coating brand, known for its innovative treatments for vehicles.

This agreement demonstrates NTSN's dedication to the automotive sector, including cars, motorcycles, motorhomes, and other types of vehicles. We are excited to bring you the exceptional Onyx Coating treatments that will enhance and protect your vehicles. Trust us to deliver innovative and high-quality solutions for all your automotive needs.

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