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NanoFloor - practical elegance

NanoFloor - the future of parquet and laminate coatings!

NanoFloor is a revolutionary floor sealant that goes beyond traditional solutions. It has been meticulously crafted with everyday use in mind, using advanced nanomaterials to provide enhanced durability, a water-repellent surface, and an active antibacterial effect. Moreover, NanoFloor acts as UV protection and offers a significantly easier-to-clean surface.

This innovative floor sealant is invisible, meaning it doesn't alter the aesthetic appearance or the friction of the floor. In other words, the coating is virtually unnoticeable. However, you'll quickly notice the hydrophobic effect as water beads up on the floor surface, and how much easier it is to clean. With NanoFloor, you can explore the endless possibilities of transforming your living or working space into an improved environment. It's the perfect choice for discerning individuals and businesses alike.

Source: Gulvdeal

What does nanotechnology do to the floor?

Unrivalled durability

NanoFloor is not your ordinary floor sealant – it's a shield that can withstand the test of time. Thanks to its advanced nanotechnology, NanoFloor forms an ultra-thin protective layer on your floors, providing unbeatable durability. Say goodbye to scratches, stains, and wear marks – NanoFloor keeps your floors looking pristine, no matter what challenges they face.

Aesthetic excellence

But NanoFloor isn't just tough, it's also beautiful. This innovative coating enhances the appearance of your floors, adding depth to patterns and intricate details. From sleek and modern to classic parquet and laminate, NanoFloor is the perfect solution for any style and any type of floor.

Simple maintenance

Maintenance becomes a breeze with NanoFloor. Its innovative design repels spills, dust, water, and dirt, making it easy to keep your floors clean with minimal effort. Spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your space – NanoFloor simplifies your daily routine.

Environmental responsibility

We believe in sustainability at NanoTech Solutions Norway. Our products, including NanoFloor coating, are environmentally friendly, so you can minimize your carbon footprint without compromising on quality. NanoFloor combines performance with a responsible approach to our planet.

Endless applications

NanoFloor has endless applications, not just limited to homes. Whether it's for your home, office, or commercial and industrial buildings, NanoFloor adapts to your unique needs. Discover the possibilities with NanoFloor as your reliable companion.

Hear what others are saying

Don't just take our word for it – explore the success stories of NanoFloor at our exclusive dealer, Gulvdeal. Join a community of satisfied customers who have embraced the future of flooring.

Get started today

Ready to revolutionize your floor? Visit Gulvdeal today to explore the full range of NanoFloor products and find the perfect solution for your needs. Elevate your surroundings with NanoFloor – a testament to innovation, durability, and unbeatable quality.

How to apply NanoFloor

NB! Video in Norwegian

Why use NanoFloor on your parquet floor

NanoFloor contains a special nano concentration that has the ability to penetrate the parquet floor at an atomic level, completely transforming its properties. By following Nordic Flooring's revolutionary Nano-program, you can enjoy the following unique features.

Water repellentS

pilling water on your parquet floor will no longer be a concern. NanoFloor makes the surface 100% water-repellent.


Abrasion resistance

No more sanding or varnishing your parquet floor. With the Nano-program, you continuously maintain a protected surface with exceptional properties. Unlike ordinary varnished parquet floors that develop microscopic cracks and lack water-repellency, NanoFloor keeps your floor intact and durable.



NanoFloor seals and strengthens all pores, creating a surface that is resistant to damage. Additionally, it prevents the growth of fungi and bacteria on your floor.


UV resistant

Sunlight can cause natural materials like wood/parquet floors to change color and fade. While Nordic Flooring's lacquer offers some UV protection, it doesn't completely prevent the wood from being affected. However, NanoFloor provides a unique UV protection that can safeguard your floor up to 100%.


Simple cleaning

NanoFloor offers outstanding wash ability and dirt-repellent properties. Avoid using chemicals or soap to clean NanoFloor. Instead, a good microfiber mop and clean water are sufficient for keeping your floor spotless. Be sure to follow the recommended cleaning instructions for Nordic Flooring floors.

Source: Gulvdeal

Laminate flooring Steelworks_03_v2.png

Laminate flooring Steelworks

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Laminate flooring Atomic Longplank

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Herringbone parquet Nordkapp

Herringbone parquet Nordkapp_03_v2.png

Herringbone parquet Ustaoset

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