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At NanoTech Solutions Norway AS, we are dedicated to providing industry-leading segmented solutions. Our strong presence in the market, unwavering commitment, and years of dedicated experience have allowed us to develop a deep understanding of each technology within our portfolio.

Our company specializes in innovative and distinctive technologies that drive our success and we take pride in offering these innovative technologies that provide cost-effective solutions and contribute to sustainable and efficient operations. Our commitment to quality, reliability, and continuous development ensures that our customers receive the best possible segmented solutions for their specific needs.


Hirec® (High Repellent Coating) is a cutting-edge superhydrophobic surface coating renowned for its robust self-cleaning capabilities. This coating effectively prevents the accumulation of ice, snow, water, and debris on treated surfaces.

Designed to tackle the challenge of ice and snow build-up, Hirec has proven immensely effective in various structures, including antennas, wind turbines, and critical infrastructure. In the telecommunications sector, Hirec plays a pivotal role in averting signal degradation amid adverse weather conditions such as heavy rainfall, snowfall, and icy conditions.

NTT Advanced Technology Corporation (NTSN AS) has recently introduced Hirec 300-W, a game-changing water-based superhydrophobic material boasting the same exceptional properties as existing Hirec products. A crucial consideration for both transportation and storage, this product is entirely free of harmful chemicals, significantly reducing environmental impact.

Hirec coatings are meticulously designed and engineered to deliver effective solutions for managing ice and snow build-up on various structures. With the introduction of Hirec 300-W, we continue to expand our innovative portfolio while contributing to sustainable and efficient operations.

frozen antenna at weather station, winter scene

Ultra-Ever Dry®

Ultra-Ever Dry is an exceptional superhydrophobic coating solution designed to protect electronics and other equipment from damage caused by moisture, water, oil, and excessive dirt. By preventing the accumulation and infiltration of moisture on critical areas such as windings, connections, contacts, and switches, this coating significantly prolongs the lifespan of electrical components and circuit boards.

The versatility of Ultra-Ever Dry extends beyond electronics, as it can be effectively applied to various equipment elements including screws, nuts, and bolts. By offering protection against moisture, ice, dirt, and corrosion, it ensures that virtually all solid surfaces requiring preservation can benefit from its treatment.

One notable advantage of Ultra-Ever Dry is its rapid curing process. This makes it well-suited for on-site applications, allowing for quick and efficient solutions to issues that may arise during operations.

With its ability to protect electronics and equipment from moisture, corrosion, contamination, and dirt, Ultra-Ever Dry provides a reliable and durable solution for extending the lifespan and maintaining the performance of critical components.

Ultra-Ever Dry against moist and water on electric components


Gentoo is a remarkable multifunctional corrosion-resistant coating that excels in the harshest environments. It is highly regarded for its ease of application and resilience. Unlike other solutions, Gentoo outperforms in challenging scenarios by combining high-performance wear resistance with a low slip angle (runoff angle).

This transparent coating not only repels water but also exhibits resistance to various oils, bases, acids, and solvents. Additionally, Gentoo forms an incredibly hard and durable surface, effectively combating mechanical wear, contamination, and corrosion.

Extensive testing has been conducted during its development by Ultratech International, in collaboration with partners like NanoTech Solutions Norway. These tests were carried out in both laboratory settings and in the field, including testing with the United States Air Force (USAF).

Gentoo's exceptional performance and proven attributes make it a reliable choice for corrosion control and surface protection, enabling structures and equipment to withstand challenging environments for extended periods.

Anti-corrosion with Gentoo

PCS - Permanent Coating System

At our company, we take pride in developing solutions that seamlessly integrate with your needs, improving performance, durability, and efficiency. We offer an impressive portfolio of products, and we can also customize them according to your specific requirements.

Moreover, our coatings possess self-cleaning properties, often referred to as "Easy-to-clean." These coatings enable the easy removal of dirt particles by rainwater or moisture-laden droplets, which are then carried away by gravity. This is achieved through a complex micro- and nanostructured solution that minimizes the surface energy of the treated object, helping it to remain naturally clean.

We also offer the Permanent Coating System (PCS), which integrates the finest elements of materials science and nanotechnology. This innovative system enables the tailoring of solutions precisely aligned with customers' explicit needs and preferences.

By combining our expertise with cutting-edge technology, we provide solutions that enhance the performance, lifespan, and efficiency of your equipment, resulting in a better bottom line for your business.



NTT AT's (NTSN) proprietary anti-corrosion material, SAPOE, is a thermoplastic powder coating that offers enhanced resistance to acids and alkalis, as well as exceptional UV resistance. It utilizes Thermoplastic Polyester to provide long-term rust protection, with a minimum lifespan of 35 years even under demanding conditions.

SAPOE is an environmentally friendly solution that contributes to pollution control as powder paint application does not generate waste from solvents, and any residual material can be easily removed after painting.

A standout feature of SAPOE is its ability to adhere effectively, without the need for priming, even on galvanized materials, making it easy to apply. Combined, these attributes make SAPOE an exceptional anti-corrosive solution, particularly effective in environments with elevated salt content and against various acids and bases.

SAPOE represents a reliable and durable solution for protecting equipment and structures from corrosion, ensuring long-term performance and reducing the need for maintenance.

SAPOE in subsea and offshore installations
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